Part 1: The New Art of Virtual Conversation

Two-part series: Your pandemic mental health – keeping friendships together while staying apart Part 1: The New Art of Virtual Conversation – supporting others, and yourself Just how devastating has the pandemic been to friendships? Research is ongoing, but anecdotally … read more

Part 3: Essential Resources for Families

You and your patients may be stuck at home more frequently than you feel is good for the soul right now, but if you dive into the resources available in the virtual world, you may be able to improve your … read more

Part 2 – Keeping Kids Going (and Growing)

By now, all these months into the new COVID-19 normal, there isn’t much new for families to do. The Monopoly figures have lost their shine, you’ve discovered every good spot for hide and seek, and the words ‘I’m bored’ have … read more

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