2Ascribe offers quality medical transcription for all radiology modalities. 2Ascribe Inc. is located in Mississauga, Ontario, and offers radiology medical transcription service across Canada.

Radiologists want two things:

*Simple, Reliable, Easy-to-Use Dictation Technology
*Quality Transcription

That’s why 2Ascribe’s system for Radiology Dictation and Transcription starts with an industry-leading line of microphones from Philips.  The Philips SpeechMike recorder is solid, reliable and easy to use.  It comes in a variety of configurations, including one with programmable buttons.

Best of all the 2Ascribe’s dictation software automatically reconfigures the Philips SpeechMike microphone to the particular dictation preferences of each Radiologist.

With available bi-directional HL-7 interfacing, 2Ascribe’s Radiology Dictation and Transcription system can interface to any HL-7 compatible RIS or PACS system. And with or without an HL-7 interface 2Ascribe’s Radiology Dictation and Transcription system can be triggered directly from your PACS system, so that patient demographics are instantly linked from the computerized images to your recorded voice.

2Ascribe’s never-lose-a-job architecture helps to insure that your words are never lost. There’s never a question whether or not you are recording, with configurable microphone lights, visible PC time-stamping, a flashing red recording sign and optional beep tones.

And with 2Ascribe’s excellent transcription quality, you’ll save time.

For radiologists desiring speech recognition, 2Ascribe offers Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical version 10 as an optional add-on.  Dragon Naturally Speaking is available as a stand-alone component for the radiologist to train and edit their own documents, or the ‘raw’ documents can be edited by our qualified medical transcriptionists before being returned.

Call us for more information for your specific radiology needs.