Responding to the Online Ratings of Your Practice

In the old days, before the internet, word of mouth was everything. If you needed a plumber, a new ladder or a good meal out, you would consult friends and family about their experiences. Recommendations applied to finding a family … read more

Is Your Employee Cloud Usage Putting Your Company’s Information at Risk?

Symantec publishes a report “Shadow Data Report:  Risks of Employee Cloud App Use and Abuse” each year. It is located at   In it, they identify five significant risk factors that affect how safe, or at risk, your cloud … read more

Do You Know What You’re Paying For?

The medical transcription industry is a multi-billion dollar industry (yes, that’s not a typo, it’s multi-billion). If how you’re invoiced is not transparent and straightforward, how do you know what you’re paying for? And there are more ways of charging … read more

How Dirty is Your Office Desk?

If you are sitting at your office desk right now, you might want to grab some hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes before you read this. The average workplace desk can be 400x filthier than the average toilet seat! We hope … read more

Document Preparation Time

Ever wonder how much time you spend each day on documentation? Would you believe 10%? Recent statistics show that the average physician spends 10% of their workday documenting patient encounters and dictating letters, be they referral requests, consultation letters, patient … read more

Time to Review Your Hand Hygiene Techniques

Regardless of where you work, it’s a good idea to know how to keep your hands clean. In a recent newsletter regarding Independent Health Facilities and Out-of-Hospital Premises, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario noted: The ministry notice … read more

Your Transcription Company Messed Up, What Now?

It happens. It just happened to you. Once a medical transcription error is identified, it is essential the issue is corrected. Here is a guide for what to do once you find a transcription error. Typical Types of Transcription Errors … read more

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