1. What is your turnaround time?

    For dictations received by 6 pm EST, files are returned the next business day.  For example, files received by 6 pm on a Tuesday are returned Wednesday, files received by 6 pm Friday are returned the following Monday.

  1. How much does the service cost?
    Our rates depend on several factors including volume, required turnaround time, type, sound quality (specifically for backlog services) and clarity of the dictation.  Please fill in a request quote or call our office.
  1. Can I access my records online?
    Definitely.  WEBscribe allows for web access to all your documents.  Conveniently batch upload your digital files.  Watch the progress of your dictations as they move from “At Transcription” to “At QA” and then to “Transcribed” and “Electronically Signed”.
  1. What options are there for receiving my transcribed documents?
    You can receive your documents by email (password protected and with strong encryption), or access them through WEBscribe.  Both options are secure and protect patient information.  WEBscribe is our web based client portal that allows full access to your documents, where you can edit, electronically sign and save, print and distribute them.
  1. How do I dictate?
    You can use the telephone, digital recorder (not a digital memo-taker) or your smart phone.  Check our website for more information on choosing a digital recorder, or send a test file to info@2ascribe.com to check for compatibility.  All common formats are supported. When using the telephone to dictate, you call a toll free number, enter your User ID and begin dictating after the beep.  If you have multiple work types or dictate from more than one location, you’ll be prompted to enter your codes for that information.  If you use a digital recorder and have multiple work types, make sure you select one that allows you to mark the work type, or has different folders to indicate different work types or locations.
  1. We have specific formats for our letters and reports.  Do you offer custom formatting?
    Certainly.  Will work with you to develop customized letterhead or templates that are pre-loaded into our system and automatically pulled for your account when you dictate.  You have the option of having up to nine custom templates for different work types (patient note, referring physician letter, IME, WSIB)
  1. Do I pay for the text in my headers and footers?
    No charge is made for letterhead or for headers and footers in your documents.
  1. How do you protect patient privacy?
    At 2Ascribe, the privacy of your patient’s information is our top priority.  All our systems and processes are compliant with Canadian federal (PIPEDA) and US federal (HIPAA).  All documents emailed to referring physicians are password protected and with strong encryption.  Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.
  1. How soon can I start?
    Once we have the information we need (your name, address and any custom templates that we may need to set-up), you can begin dictating or uploading files within minutes.
  1. Do I have to sign a contract?
    No.  There are no contracts, no monthly minimums and no set-up fees.  You only pay for what you dictate.
  1. Can you send the documents back on my letterhead?
    Yes.  If your letterhead is black and white and you have it in soft copy, we’ll transcribe directly onto it.  If you prefer, we can set up your documents to print on your letterhead without you having to adjust the documents at your end (especially if your letterhead is in colour).  If you don’t have letterhead, we’ll work with you to create one that you like.
  1. I work in different locations.  Can you support that?
    Certainly.  You can have different User IDs for different locations if you require separate invoices.  Or we can provide you with location codes for different locations.  You’ll receive one invoice, with each location detailed separately.
  1. How do you invoice me?
    We invoice monthly.  Invoices are sent according to your preference, bit mail, email or fax.  Each invoice is accompanied by a detailed billing sheet, showing the date, patient ID, length of dictation and the number of transcribed lines for each document.
  1. I only dictate a couple of letters a month.  Do you take very small clients?
    Certainly.  Every client, no matter their size, is important to us.  With our flexible system, our services are scalable to every size account.
  1. Is your service compatible with my EMR?
    If your EMR supports an HL-7 interface, we can integrate with it.  There may be a fee for developing an interface if there is not already an existing one for your EMR.  Other EMRs may allow for importing patient records in standard formats, which we can support (e.g. .txt format)