Our People


Sheila CampbellAC106-2

Sheila Campbell, our President, has 30 years of experience in scientific, medical and technology related fields.  She has worked for such notable companies as Kodak Canada and GE Medical (Canada). Subsequently, she applied her extensive knowledge in the medical field to consulting for health care professionals.

In 2002, after managing a project for a company offering secure data transmission to health care providers, Sheila founded 2Ascribe.  She saw an opportunity to provide both ‘low tech’ (telephone dictation) and ‘high tech’ (WEBscribe – our new online client portal) medical transcription options to physicians, clinics, hospital groups and other healthcare professionals.

Sheila started 2Ascribe with two principles that she holds dear, that they provide excellent quality and customer service to their clients, and that the company maintain a low carbon footprint and be environmentally vigilant. She ensures that all systems are developed and monitored, to provide high-quality medical transcription with rapid turnaround.

Corporate responsibly is a core concern for Sheila, as well as everyone at 2Ascribe, and the company supports two charitable projects: 

  • Hero Rats: working in Africa towards curbing the spread of TB by training rats to evaluate blood samples, more rapidly, accurately and at a lower cost than traditional laboratory testing.  Hero Rats can also be trained to detect land mines, and are the most efficient and cost effect way to clear land mines. 
  • The Girl Project: an initiative to send girls all over the world to school (which is important to us as the majority of our transcriptionists and editors are women) 

Clients who refer other healthcare professionals to 2Ascribe are thanked with a Charity Gift Card from CanadaHelps, which allows them to donate to the charity of their choice.  In the past year, clients have made donations to such charities  as children’s mental health programs, cancer research and Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto.


David CarrollAC128-2

David Carroll, our VP Finance & Technology, has been an integral part of the 2Ascribe team since 2006.  In 2014, he became a partner in the firm. 

David is a UK-qualified chartered accountant and gained his initial experience with a firm of chartered accountants and with a major multinational in their treasury function.

Since returning to Canada in 1980, David has provided senior leadership in the areas of finance, IT and operations in various industries including data processing, transportation and distribution.

Most recently he was the Associate Executive Director of the Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto, where he oversaw significant re-engineering of its finance, systems and distribution operations.  He brings real business depth to 2Ascribe, where his mandate encompasses finance, operating procedures and IT.

He also supports the development of functionality for 2Ascribe’s clients, such as our timesaving AUTOfax service. David has a long-standing interest in ethics and was a founding director of the Canadian Centre for Ethics & Corporate Policy.


Eric headshotEric French

Eric French, our Operations Manager, brings years of customer service experience and an in-depth understanding of the medical marketplace to 2Ascribe.  Eric started with 2Ascribe in 2005 as a part-time customer representative, moving to Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator in 2011 and to Operations Manager in 2013. 

Eric’s Business Management Diploma (Humber College) and his background in the insurance and the hospitality industries have helped him to develop and maintain 2Ascribe’s excellent customer service, and to maintain tight controls on all aspects of day-to-day business operations.   

This includes ensuring that we meet or exceed turnaround time for clients’ transcription and assists with getting new clients set-up for out-sourcing their medical transcription to 2Ascribe.  He’s also our resident expert in our on-line client portal, WEBscribe, implementing this for existing and new clients.




All of our medical transcriptionists are extensively experienced in multiple medical specialties.  Clients are assigned to work pools based on their specialties, and matched with our transcription groups expertise to ensure excellent quality and consistency.  Many are also qualified CMTs (Certified Medial Transcriptionists by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity in the United States). 

Their expertise includes everything from referring letters from specialists to Independent Medical Legal Reports.  They transcribe letters, patient encounters (including formatting them for integration into Electronic Medical Records), record reviews and all other required documentation. 

Our medical editors are responsible for quality control and consistency.  Each editor is assigned particular accounts within their particular specialties, so that they get to know individual dictators and their preferences and idioms.  They are chosen based on their medical transcription experience, their command of the English language and their ability to ensure that all documents are formatted to client’s specifications.

Many of our transcriptionists and editors have been with us for over a decade, an important aspect of our maintaining quality control for our clients.



Homecooked_Feb_2012_KMP4832CROPNicole French

Nicole French is our digital marketing manager and the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at HC Website Solutions, an Ontario-based digital marketing agency specializing in website design, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, organic and paid search marketing, organic and paid social media and marketing consulting.  

She is a driven individual, with over 11 years of experience developing websites and digital marketing strategies that increase search traffic, raise brand awareness and drives leads.   

She uses an integrated approach to SEO that includes keyword optimization and content marketing along with link-building, targeting, and social channel signals.





Homecooked_Feb_2012_KMP4875CROPJason Wilson

Jason Wilson is our web master and the President of Technology and Development at HC Website Solutions.  He is a resourceful individual, with over 15 years of website development experience, and designs and builds websites that are based on his clients’ current and possible future needs. 

His experience with web application development ranges from C#.NET, VB.NET, PHP, ASP 3.0, jQuery (JavaScript), and AJAX, to CSS/CSS3, XML and HTML/HTML5. 

He uses WordPress, Joomla, and DotNetNuke custom web content management systems to create powerful, responsive websites that highlight his extensive programming experience.