Privacy Breach: To Whom and How to Report

Better safe than sorry is the right way for clinics to approach the new rule changes to Canada’s federal private sector privacy law that came into effect on November 1, 2018. As the last post in this series suggested, you … read more

Privacy Breach Reporting: Rule Changes up the Ante

New rule changes to Canada’s federal private sector privacy law — including physician practices — came into effect on November 1, 2018. And while the ability of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada to assess, advise and enforce … read more

Transmitting Personal Health Information by Fax

Faxing is considered a secure form of communication by Federal and Provincial Privacy Commissions, and is a common method of sharing information in health care. While the actual transmission of the information is secure, what happens before and after faxing … read more

How Safe is Your Data With 2Ascribe

The recent “WannaCry” cyber attack has people concerned about the security of their online information. With hospital trusts in the U.K. and medical facilities in the U.S. and Canada affected by the attack, people in the medical community are reassessing … read more

Keeping Acceptable Medical Records

Each province and legislative jurisdiction has its own requirements, both legal and professional, for creating, maintaining and storing medical records.  One key point which is common to all jurisdictions is that the records are legible.  Another is that keeping good … read more

An Introduction to Privacy Legislation

Are you concerned about the safety of patient information when sending out medical files for transcription?  Read the following article and learn about PIPEDA and how to keep your patients information as safe as possible. Please note:  Most information is … read more

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