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ChatGPT and Medicine:  Amazing or Scary

Challenges in using ChatGPT, from OpenAI, in medicine are numerous.  The most serious one being that, while it’s answers can sound correct and authoritive, even citing numerous references, it’s not always right.  The data can be biased, or just plain

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AI, ChatGBT and LLM primer

With the advent of software like ChatGPT, we’re learning a whole new language, well at least new expressions and TLAs (two or three letter acronyms).  Here are some of them explained to help you get up to speed. ML:  Machine

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May Observances Days

Days this month that are special to us include:      Mother’s Day – May 14th  Transcriptionists Week – May 14th – 20, 2023rd.  This has traditionally been a week-long   celebration of the contributions healthcare documentation specialists make toward ensuring

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