Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019: The Next Generation of Wearable Health Tech

Note:  This is the second in a series of three on CES 2019 Technology.  To read the first article, Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 Offered Glimpses into the Future of Digital Health go here.  To read the final article, go to “Baby Boomer’s Influence is Obvious Through Targeted Technology“.

The Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) CES 2019 conference in Las Vegas in January showed off an array of new gadgets, many of them designed to wear so individuals can take their self-health care to another level.

With digital health care taking centre stage — and a lot of floor space — in Vegas, we picked out the best of the best in wearable tech that might be of interest to physicians in the changing landscape of health care, from stress reducers to pain relievers.

There are no wearable replacements for your medical transcription services, but the future is bright in many different areas thanks to these contraptions:

 Keep Calm and Feel the Vibrations: TouchPoint

A wearable that claims to relieve stress by more than 70 percent in just half a minute, the TouchPoints line of matching wristbands actually has an encyclopedia of uses online, ranging from anxiety to tantrums —  and yes, there are kid sizes.

The technology that restores calm comes in the form of gentle, alternating micro-vibrations called BLAST (bi-lateral alternating stimulation tactile) that alters the body’s stress response and restores calm. As a bonus, it also eliminates stress reactions like stomachaches, headaches and tightness in the chest.

You can wear them as bands on your wrists or put them in your pockets or socks for the same effect. Forbes named them the best health tech and fitness innovation at CES 2019.



When the Pressure is On: Omron Heartguide Blood Pressure Smartwatch

Japanese tech company, Omron — the world’s largest manufacturer of blood pressure machines — first introduced its smartwatch last year, claiming medical-grade measurements and night readings to test for hypertension.  It can even measure the risk of stroke while sleeping.

Since then, it’s received FDA approval, which made marketing it this year one of the biggest draws at CES 2019. It’s a piece of equipment that should eventually mean the end for the poor-fitting cuffs and pop-ins at the drug store to use their outdated machines.


Blocking out Chronic Pain: NeuroMetrix Quell 2.0

In the new battle of tech versus opioid addiction, the latest addition is the Quell 2.0 — an FDA approved (which with the agreement between Canada and the U.S. means the item will be legal north of the border in Ontario and beyond as well) wearable that wraps around the calf and triggers the body’s natural pain blockers through electrical stimulation.

It’s also the only over-the-counter pain relief device that has been cleared for use during sleep, and comes with an app to make it easier to target individual needs.





Up next:  “Baby Boomer’s Influence is Obvious Through Targeted Technology“.


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