CES 2019: Baby Boomer Influence Obvious Through Targeted Tech

Note:  This is the third and final article in a series on CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2019.  For the first one, “Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 Offered Glimpses into the Future of Digital Health”, click here.  For the second in the series on “Wearable Health Technology”, click here.

Whatever you want to call them, Baby Boomers make up the dominating demographic in the world of healthcare consumers.

The boom in births after the Second World War has led to a large spike in an aging population in need of healthcare assessments, treatment and care.  More and more, this pressure has increased digital health opportunities that could alleviate some of the burden on physicians who are dealing with an increased workload.  Not only are there more seniors, their healthcare requirements are more complex, as they often have comorbidities.

Many of these inventions which are aimed at senior populations, were on display at CES 2019.  This is where consumers and physicians alike were exposed to some of the greatest new gadgets which could play a big role in this senior’s generation’s health in the not-too-distant future.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing here yet in the area of high tech medical transcription services.  So this is still best left to medical language specialists (aka medical transcriptionists and medical transcription companies like 2Ascribe Inc.).

Big Brother is watching, and diagnosing: Care Predict Home

Part wearable, part artificial intelligence machine learning ‘spy’, Care Predict Home uses sensors and kinematics to track activities of seniors and predict health conditions and other potential risks.


Collecting data about a user’s routine behaviours — from their physical movement to their frequency of eating, drinking, bathing and using the washroom — the system detects subtle changes in a senior’s daily patterns, which could indicate a change in health.




A Smarter Way to Manage Medication: RxPense

Keeping seniors at home longer, maintaining their independence, the RxPense is a smart medication dispenser aimed at managing therapies and adherence to it. Not only does it dispense the right pills at the right time, it can let caregivers and physicians know if a patient missed a dose.

As a bonus, the system is secure with advanced voice recognition for the authorized user, and features two-way communication in the event of illness or emergency.


Hearing Aids with (Artificial) Intelligence: Oticon Kaizn

Dubbed a personal assistant for the ears, Oticon Kaizn automates hearing aid settings based on perceived preferences from habits and environments, then adjusting on the fly to optimize the user’s listening experience.

With Oticon Kaizn, sounds like Baby Boomers will be able to continue enjoying their rock concerts!





Watchful Eye on Atrial Fibrillation: Withings Move ECG

A combined ECG monitor and activity watch, Move ECG was designed to help detect atrial fibrillation — an abnormal heart rhythm that increases in frequency with age and can lead to heart failure, dementia and stroke in more at-risk populations.

The system and corresponding app can let users know if they need to see a physician, and can share ECG data easily.

Withings also revealed a sophisticated BPM Core blood pressure monitor capable of tracking ECG or functioning as a digital stethoscope, another multi-use tool that can keep an eye on high blood pressure, AFib, and valvular heart diseases.





We hope that you’ve enjoyed this series!

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