Risks of Poor Medical Transcription

At 2Ascribe Medical Transcription, we pride ourselves on accurately transcribing your dictation. Due to the nature of the work, there can often be areas that necessitate clarification. Although ordinary spelling errors can easily be identified, errors involving numeric data and medical terminology are often more difficult to detect. All our work is proofread and double checked by our professional editors to ensure there are few to no inaccuracies, and that the information, documentation, course of action and next steps are meticulously detailed and precise.

Our Editors safeguard against the transposition of numbers, for example, 117 versus 171, which, if describing weight, would impact the effectiveness of dosing, 1.5 versus 5.1, which, if outlining red blood cell count would be inconsistent with life, or 1.25mg versus 12.5mg which, if was applied to medication, could seriously harm a patient.

They understand the importance of capitalization and how it pertains to words, m-BACOD as a medication regimen is very different than M-BACOD, and how spelling errors can seriously affect the meaning of the diagnosis or negatively impact medication: pleural versus plural, mucous versus mucus, and radical and radicle. Their training ensures consistency regarding the plural forms of medical terms, i.e. Bullas as opposed to Bullae, and the reasoning behind using abbreviations sparingly, BS, for either breath sounds or bowel movements. They also take into consideration the nature of the diagnosis to guarantee consistency; colostrum issues are very different than concerns of the claustrum.

They verify the correct spelling of patient names, John or Jon, verify that there are no transposed letters, dent versus tend, and review words that sound similar but have a different meaning and spelling: to, two, too and there, their and they’re. Finally, they check for consistency and common usage of terminology, for example disk vs. disc; the correct terminology today is ‘disc’ for all things anatomical as it comes from the Latin word ‘discus’, and is the accepted terminology by the Federative International Committee on Anatomical Terminology.

Transcription is a necessity to the medical profession. Unfortunately, errors in reports can happen due to inaccurate typing, poor quality recording, and even background disturbances. Having a professionally trained transcription partner will help guarantee your medical records are accurately complied, inspire trust from your patients, and give you peace of mind.


2Ascribe Inc. is a medical transcription services agency located in Toronto, Ontario Canada, providing medical transcription services to physicians, clinics and other healthcare providers across Canada.  Having recently introduced WEBscribe, a client interface portal for document management, 2Ascribe continues to implement and develop technology to assist and improve the transcription process for physicians and other healthcare providers.  As a service to our clients and the healthcare industry, 2Ascribe offers articles of interest to physicians and other healthcare professionals, medical transcriptionists and office staff, as well as of general interest.  Additional articles may be found at http://www.2ascribe.com

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