Transcription Services Canada Commonly Misspelled & Confused Medical Words for Medical Transcriptionist

There is a reason why Medical Transcriptionists need to be properly trained before embarking upon this career; the terminology in this field is very difficult to master. Spelling errors can cause not only confusion, but can lead to incorrect care and can have life threatening consequences. Outlined below is a list of some of the most frequently misspelled medical words, along with words that although sound close to identical, have very different meanings.


Abscess, adolescence, alimentation, alopecia, Alzheimer, analyze, aneurysm, anorexia, arrhythmia, ascites, asphyxia, asystole, auscultation, callus, catheter, Caucasian, chickenpox, cirrhosis, curettage, decubitus, diabetes mellitus, diaphoresis, diaphragm, dilatation, diphtheria, eczema, effusion, elicit, epididymitis, fascia, flaccid, gallbladder, gangrene, gauge, gonorrhea, hemoptysis, hemorrhoid, humerus, hygiene, icterus, inoculate, intraocular, intussusception, ischemia, melanin, menstruation, oophorectomy, ophthalmology, orthopnea, pacemaker, palliative, palpate, palpitation, perineum, periosteum, peritoneum, peroneal, prosthesis, prostate, protocol, pruritus, rhythm, sagittal, sedentary, sequela, sieve, spleen, splenectomy, supersede, syncope, syphilis, tonsils, tonsillectomy, tricuspid, ventricle, vertical, and xiphoid


afferent vs efferent
anuresis vs. enuresis
aphagia vs aphasia
colostrum vs. claustrum
cord vs. chord
dependent vs dependant
dysphagia vs. dysphasia
enuresis vs anuresis
elicit vs illicit
humeral vs. humoral
ileum vs ilium
perfusion vs. profusion
perineal vs. peroneal
plane vs plain
pleural vs. plural
prostate vs prostrate

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