CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Part 2: Gadgets to improve your health at home

From masks to deep-cleaning robots, smart soles for your shoes and other technological breakthroughs focused on preventing health problems, CES 2021 had you covered in Part 1 of our series looking at the coolest health tech from the annual show.

In Part 2, we’re exploring the cool gadgets that can help doctors and their patients alike keep a closer eye on overall wellness and track changes in health and symptoms.  

Falling for this new lamp

Belgium is more than just delicious chocolate, waffles, and moules-frites. Belgian startup Nobi has introduced a hanging smart lamp to address senior safety. The lamp uses artificial intelligence to detect falls that take place in its ‘area’ and communicates with the owner to ensure they are ok.

If necessary, it will even make the call to family members or emergency services. Its other smart features include air quality monitoring, photo sharing, fire and burglary detection.

Oh, and it actually functions as a light, of course.


Remote patient monitoring in a heartbeat

Having a clear and complete record of a patient’s vitals is critical to proper treatment. In the same way physicians depend reliable medical transcription services to keep their records complete, having a steady and accurate stream of patient information thanks to technology will improve treatment.

 HealthyU by HD Medical isn’t yet on the market, but it could revolutionize home health monitoring for patients with heart issues. The remote monitoring system sends health updates daily to physicians, and all the patient must do is hold the device to their chest and rest a thumb and forefinger on the front sensor to get an ECG reading and other vitals. Somehow, a seven-lead ECG, temperature sensor, pulse oximetre, microphones that record sounds from the heart and lungs, a heart-rate monitor AND a blood pressure sensor fit into the device, despite the fact it’s smaller than a GoPro camera and way easier to use than that.

It’s one of a number of these types of devices debuted at CES 2021 in response to the growing need for home health care because of the pandemic.

The brain is top of mind

 The previous gadget maps out the heart, but this one is all about brain mapping and therapy.

The iSyncWave by iMediSync is basically a portable helmet that supports the early detection of things like Alzheimer’s and other dementia, as well as epilepsy and can be used for early treatment either in a clinic or remotely at home.

Connecting to a mobile app and the cloud, it works to detect electrical activity in the brain to help diagnosis, and can provide therapy for neurological issues like dementia, Parkinson’s and even depression, PTSD and ADHD.

The bonus is less mess – it just sits on your head and doesn’t require gel like the traditional node-based EEGs.

Pressure is on

Heavyweight Omron Healthcare is known for its medical devices and is now entering the realm of remote patient monitoring with a blood-pressure kit that physicians can send home with patients. It’s called VitalSight, and it includes a blood pressure monitor and data hub. It’s intended to connect to electronic records so that physicians and other healthcare practitioners can access patient data on demand.

Omron’s executive director of business and technology says the company designed it “to encourage more remote monitoring, more communication between the patient and the physician, and more data to make treatment decisions and improve health outcomes.”

For Part I on Proactive Health Tools of this two part series, go to:  https://www.2ascribe.com/articles/consumer-electronics-show-ces-2021-part-1-proactive-health-tools 


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