Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021 – Part 1 – Proactive Health Tools

Part 1: Proactive health tools showcased at CES 2021

Like most things over the past year, the annual CES event looked a lot different during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rather than the Las Vegas mega-show we’ve seen in the past, the decades-long digital spectacle turned to the online world to share the convention’s most impressive consumer technology trends. Instead of packing conference halls and soaking up stage speakers and the Vegas nightlife afterward, attendees took to the internet to watch and talk about all of the incredible gadgets revolutionizing the way we live.

And the pandemic, as you might imagine, was front and centre.

With smart masks and smart apps for smartphones used by smart people the health and wellness offerings unveiled over weeks of the digital conference earlier this year ranged from fixing the bothersome to the dangerous.

Troublesome hay fever may be a thing of the past thanks to a handheld device that projects lights into the nose to trigger body reactions that limit allergy symptoms. The more concerning afflictions are being addressed by remote sensors connecting straight to physicians.

In between are mirrors that check your temperature (while also offering makeup suggestions), and robot butlers (seriously).

There are so many incredible products aimed at improving health that this two-part series had to break it down into preventative health measures, and those seeking to improve your health in the home – where all of us have had to spend way too much time over the past year. Check out some of the most innovative tech to combat the novel coronavirus.

COVID-19 symptom-checker

 The size of a coin, a disposable FDA-approved device called the BioButton sticks to your upper chest and allows healthcare workers to watch your breathing, heart rate and your temperature for up to three months. Those at higher risk of negative outcomes from COVID-19 who can’t necessarily guarantee they won’t come into contact with the virus – perhaps students who remain on campus, or front-line workers – can watch for early signs of infection and potentially prevent outbreaks as well as get treatment to those who need it early.

A personal trainer who comes with your TV

 “Gyms are open, gyms are closed. Gyms are open again. No, wait, they’re closed, sorry.”

If that sounds like your personal health program over the past year or so, with restrictions changing monthly if not weekly in some provinces, you are likely missing your precious workout time.

Don’t worry, Samsung’s delivering a personal trainer right to your TV these days with the Samsung Health Smart feature on 2021 televisions. An on-screen app and optional webcam recognizes your workout and tracks your progress. With the Smart Trainer (part of the Samsung Health app), you even get coaching and words of encouragement while you get your sweat on.

The Artificial Intelligence technology that analyses your movements and posture can count your reps and even approximate the number of calories you are burning in real time.

Smart masks bringing smiles to user’s faces

 Taking masks to the next level, you can now get transparent ones from Nexvoo, so you can still show off your smile without looking creepy. But the true tech is inside. It uses a pair of silent fans to circulate and filter the air – AND uses UV light to disinfect it automatically while not in use and charging.

AirPop has a cloth mask with a sensor that monitors your breathing patterns inside the mask and offers information on the air quality from the outside. And Razer offers a smart mask you can see through, has active ventilation but as a bonus stuck in a built-in microphone and amplifier so people can year you better. I’m sorry, what?

Let’s call it, Mr. Clean

 Your professional life as a physician can be made much easier by using a trusted medical transcription service for your dictation, but what about your life at home? Unlike secure online medical transcription, keeping your household organized isn’t always simple and straightforward.

LG has you covered, however, as they introduce their Sanitizing Robot, which does its deep cleaning using UV-C light for surface disinfection – which was a big part of CES 2021 thanks to the pandemic. It doesn’t look as cool as Rosey from The Jetsons, or a droid from Star Wars, but it could be key to helping some businesses get back to business as usual.

Forget the wristband step counter – smart insoles have a leg up

 The Digitsole Smart Insoles not only track the number of steps you take, as well as your speed and calories burned, but will also provide biomechanical measures of your stride length, propulsion speed, impact force, strike pattern, and more. Pro tips from your own feet. Need we say more?

For the treatment side of medical tech, stay tuned for Part 2 from the CES: Gadgets to improve your health at home.  For Part 2, click here.


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