AI Achievements

As reported in  Nature, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been used to discover a new antibiotic that can kill a deadly species of superbug. The AI helped narrow down thousands of potential chemicals to a handful that could be tested in the laboratory. The result was a potent, experimental antibiotic called abaucin, which will need further tests before being used. AI has also been used to analyze more than one hundred million chemical compounds in a matter of days to discover a new type of antibiotic. AI has been applied to multiple dimensions of computer-aided drug design, with increasing application to antibiotic discovery”.

Other AI Achievements include:

1. Text Generation

Now there are text generators like GPT-3 that have tried accomplishing certain human creative endeavors like cooking and art as well as writing poems, poetry and news articles.  Some are indistinguishable from human writers. There is even a screenplay written using AI technology. 

2.  Language Translation

With our smart phones, we can now travel the world and have spoken and written words translated on the fly.  As well, signs in different alphabets can be translated.  It also helps companies market themselves to different countries, with AI easily translating into multiple languages.  

3.  Facial Recognition

This is helpful for law enformcement, security companies and immigration.  While not completely accurate, it is being used worldwide in places such as airports.

4.  Speech Recognition

We’re all used to asking “Siri”, which is simply a form of speech recogntion.  We can use speech recognition to give commands to our cars, update task lists, and so much more.

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