Winter Safety Tips

Winter is here and it’s time to get outside and enjoy some winter sports.  But it’s important to make sure that little ones (and not so little ones) are warm and safe playing outside. How Cold is Too Cold? When … read more

Resumes – what works and what doesn’t

Writing a good resume takes time and effort.  At 2Ascribe, a Toronto-based medical transcription company, we often receive unsolicited resumes for positions for medical transcriptionists and medical transcription editors.  When we do post job listings for medical transcription positions, we’re … read more

Ten Tips for Prospective Medical Transcriptionists

2Ascribe Inc. is a medical transcription agency in Toronto, in business since 1992.  All our transcriptionists and editors are professional qualified.  We often receive phone calls from both people looking at medical transcription as a career, and from medical transcriptionists … read more

Dictation Do’s and Don’ts for Medical Transcription

Please Do Understand how to use your recording equipment or microphone Dictate in a quiet area Speak clearly and into the microphone (don’t turn your head and keep talking when referencing the chart) Identify yourself For each dictation state: Patient … read more

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