Dictation Do’s and Don’ts for Medical Transcription

Please Do

  • Understand how to use your recording equipment or microphone
  • Dictate in a quiet area
  • Speak clearly and into the microphone (don’t turn your head and keep talking when referencing the chart)
  • Identify yourself
  • For each dictation state:
    • Patient name (spell it)
    • Patient ID
    • Type of dictation (letter, note, etc.)
    • Date you want on the transcribed document
    • Referring physician (spell name and address)
  • Include punctuation (use “stop” or “full stop” for ends of sentences)
  • Spell unusual diseases, drugs, procedures or words or sound alike words

Please Don’t

  • Eat, drink or chew gum while dictating
  • Forget to say “End of Dictation”
  • Dictate in a noisy environment

Thank you for reading our article. Check back next month to find more dictation and medical transcription information.

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