Proper Pronunciation and Word Differentiation for Medical Transcriptionists

Help your transcriptionist transcribe more accurately; speak clearly, enunciate properly and provide appropriate clarification for some tricky words.

Please speak clearly

Here are a few words that should always be said clearly to avoid errors:

  • adeno / adreno
  • fasciculation / vesiculation
  • has / had / have
  • hema / hemo
  • hyper / hypo
  • in / an / on / and
  • intra / infra
  • intra / inter
  • is / as / has
  • linguo / laryngo
  • of / off
  • para / peri
  • pyelo / pyloro
  • super / supra
  • uretero / urethro / utero

Also words ending in “n’t” or “s” (plurals) can be hard to understand.  Please emphasize.

Dictating sound-alike or confusing words

You should be aware of similar-sounding and other confusing words and spell them or dictate them clearly. Some words should always be spelled to avoid confusion.

Here’s a sampling of them:

accede: stick to agreement
exceed: surpass
accept: receive
except: exclude
adapt: adjust
adept: proficient
adverse: opposed
averse: not interested
affect: change, influence
effect: (v) to bring about (n) result, impression
all right: all right
alright: outdated usage
allude: refer to indirectly
elude: avoid
allusion: insinuation
illusion: apparition
already: previously
all ready: everything prepared
altar: place of worship
alter: to change
appraise: value
apprise: inform, notify
assistants: helpers
assistance: help
capital: seat of government; money
capitol: building where legislative body meets
cease: stop
seize: apprehend
cite: speak of
sight: vision
site: location
complement: collection
compliment: praise
continual: happens frequently in time: close succession
continuous: uninterrupted
council: praise
consul: ambassador
console: comfort
counsel: advice
descent: decline
dissent: disagree
disapprove: condemn
disprove: discredit
elicit: extract
illicit: illegal
eligible: qualified
illegible: indecipherable
emigration: moving from a country
immigration: moving to a country
eminent: outstanding, revered
imminent: threatening to happen soon
farther: forward
further: additionally
floe: large sheet of floating ice
flow: move, run freely, circulate
formally: in a dignified way
formerly: previously
imply: speaker implies (suggests)
infer: hearer infers (perceives)
incidence: occurrence
incidents: situations
lay: to set down, to place or put an item down
lie: to recline
passed: go by
past: earlier
principal: first in authority; main participant; amount of a debt less interest
principle: basic truth or assumption
pray: to ask for by prayer or supplication
prey: animal hunted or caught for food; victim
residence: dwelling
residents: occupants
right: correct
rite: ceremony
wright: worker
write: compose
their: possessive form of “them”
they’re: they are
there: at that place
stationary: not moving: fixed
stationery: writing material: letterhead, envelopes, etc.
suit: a set of clothes; legal action
suite: number of items making up a set, series, or sequence
waiver: the giving up of a claim
waver: to hesitate; also tremble or quaver
through: by way of
threw: tossed
whose: of or relating to whom
who’s: who is
your: of or relating to you
you’re: you are

To improve your transcription results start applying our pronunciation tips when dictating and clarify the above confusing words. Our transcriptionists appreciate the added effort and you may see a decrease in errors in your final results.

Check our medical transcription dictation tips next month for information on privacy legislation.

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