Choosing a Digital Recorder

Medical transcription is a good choice for many physicians.  Once you’ve made the decision to use a digital recorder instead of a telephone dictation system, you need to choose the best recorder for the job. The advantages of using a … read more

The Debate of Recording Independent Medical Examinations

The Ontario Insurance Law Blog recently wrote about the ongoing dispute of audiotaping Independent Medical Examinations and whether or not it should become standard practice to record all IMEs. Audiotaping Independent Medical Examinations In Adams v. Cook (2010), 100 O.R. (3d) 1 … read more

Dictation Do’s and Don’ts for Medical Transcription

Please Do Understand how to use your recording equipment or microphone Dictate in a quiet area Speak clearly and into the microphone (don’t turn your head and keep talking when referencing the chart) Identify yourself For each dictation state: Patient … read more

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