How the College Wants You to Chart

Some advice from a college supervisor. Written by Dr. John Crosby on June 25, 2019 for Canadian Healthcare Network Reprinted with permission. From 2Ascribe:  You might also want to consider using a medical transcription company to help with your charting.  … read more

Resumes – what works and what doesn’t

Writing a good resume takes time and effort.  At 2Ascribe, a Toronto-based medical transcription company, we often receive unsolicited resumes for positions for medical transcriptionists and medical transcription editors.  When we do post job listings for medical transcription positions, we’re … read more

Remarkable Employees

Are you a remarkable employee?  Do you know what a remarkable employee is?  Do you know what to look for when you’re hiring a remarkable employee? Some physicians are fortunate to have one staff person with them through their whole … read more

The Lost Art of Medical Dictation

While we’re not suggesting that medical dictation is comparable to the fictional dictation of great writers, author Amy Rowland makes some interesting points about the difference between a person or a machine transcribing a dictation. In our years in business, … read more

Multitasking – Why You Shouldn’t!

According to Wikipedia, the term “multitasking” was originated in the computer engineering industry. It was used to refer the ability of a microprocessor to apparently process several tasks simultaneously.i There’s a socially endorsed, but erroneous meme (unit of cultural transmission, … read more

Medical Transcription Pricing Simplified

When selecting a medical transcription company, it can be difficult to compare apples to apples, especially when it comes to pricing. Pricing can be quoted in various ways, the most common being: Price per line of transcription Price per minute … read more

Is Medical Transcription Cost Effective?

Medical transcription can be viewed as either an unnecessary expense in a physician’s practice, or as a cost-effective tool for helping to manage a physician’s time. On average, people can write approximately 30 words a minute, type 45 words a … read more

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