Teeth by the Numbers

There are four different types of permanent teeth.

  1. Incisors: These are located at the front of the mouth.  They have thin, sharp edges for cutting.
  2. Cuspids, or canines, are at the angles of the mouth on the tooth chart. They are designed for cutting and tearing food.
  3. Bicuspids, or premolars, have more surface than cuspids (two cusps instead of just one). They’re better for biting and crushing food.
  4. Molars are located in the back of the mouth. Each molar has multiple cusps, usually four or five. They have a broad surface for grinding and chewing solid food.

Every tooth has it’s own designation by numbers and letters.

Permanent teeth start to erupt around age six or seven.  And the last molar (wisdom teeth) may not erupt until you’re an adult.




Compare human teeth to cat and dog teeth.


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