Medical Transcription Snafus – Humour Transcribed

The more documents you dictate or transcribe, the more wild and bizarre transcription bloopers you get to see.  With voice recognition (VR) programs being used more and more, some of the blunders are exceptionally creative.  Whether caused by background noise, inattention to context, poor training, a lack of editing, poor dictating or machine machinations, they’re definitely amusing.  Unless of course, you’re the one who transcribed the document, or you’re the physician who signed the report before you noticed the blunder.

Where we know, we’ve indicated human (H) or voice recognition (VR) blunders.  And for some of them, your guess in interpreting the correct transcription is as good as ours.

And if you’ve got some of your own blunders that you’d like to share, please send them in.  We’ll post again when we have a new list.  Enjoy!

Human / VR Transcribed as… Should have been…
H He was given a free tenement here… He was given a Fleets enema here…
H Patient was told to continue his Bactrim and Catholics … Bactrim and Keflex
H On my arrival to the ICU, I found the patient to be an extremist … I found the patient to be in extremis
H Cancer of the breath … breast
H The patient is to take her medication with her foot. … food
H Paint and frame valley Patent foramen ovale
  IMPRESSION: Outsiders dementia. IMPRESSION:  Alzheimer’s dementia
  ALLERGIES: She notes that Coding causes hives. ALLERGIES: She notes that codeine causes hives.
VR sixty-five roses cystic fibrosis
  The patient was a fat boy … was afebrile
VR The patient expresses hope. He is future oriented. He is thinking about his job and his co-workers and his “spry lady.” … and his sobriety.
  The patient is still on __love often___ to maintain blood pressure Levophed
VR The patient underwent Pack-N-Play removal. The patient had packing removal.
  Bill sounds awful. Bowel sounds audible
H She has had no previous episodes since this. Actually what the tired physician dictated.
H The patient has a respiratory infection, and he was given a six-pack. … given a Z-PACK
  supple frazzle omeprazole
H She is also increasing the brain in her diet No-brainer – bran
H Tuesday, parasites, and Saturdays  
  Happy Larry carcinoma papillary carcinoma
  drooling stand drug-eluting stent
  syrupy uncle cerebral peduncle
  History of hospitalization due to old woman status secondary to urinary tract infection. …. ?
  PLAN: For All-Bran earlier better air. Chest rolls.  
H Ultrasound more fees sign Murphy’s sign
VR Trial of “praises ascend!” Trial of prazosin
VR Patient was receiving chemotherapy with five a few infusions… Patient was receiving chemotherapy with 5 fluorouracil (commonly known as 5-FU)
H Follow the eyes and nose CHF patient, “follow the I/O’s” (for fluids in and out)
  The patient is to keep me posted about the post-orgasmic pain and whether it responds to treatment with the Lord. We don’t really know what was said… 
  SPARQ conference was held with the patient via a nipple lesion interpreter. …via a Nepalese interpreter!
  Has cafeterias of fall colitis. Has scattered areas of folliculitis.
H The patient attempted to commit suicide by bride jumping … bridge jumping
  B12 1 cc i am given. B12 1 cc IM given
VR He has erectile dysfunction. See Alice has not been working for him. Cialis
VR She had a baby on a big glass of orange juice. … a bagel and a big glass of orange juice
VR Family history is positive for an ass. … positive for MS.
VR The patient will be set up for blood pressure recheck.  Dr Y snores. The patient will be set up for blood pressure recheck by Dr. Y’s nurse
  An email of chronic disease. Anemia of chronic disease.
H The patients neuropathy was due to perennial plastic  syndrome … due to paraneoplastic syndrome


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