Questions to Ask When Selecting a Medical Transcription Company

Know what the important issues and questions are when choosing a medical transcription company that’s right for you. Find the best and most qualified people to help you with your confidential patient records and reports.

The Company:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • How many people are there (is it one or two or a larger, established business) and can they handle your quantity of work?
  • Do they offer references?

Turnaround Time:

  • When are your documents returned?
  • Can you dictate on weekends, evenings and holidays?

Dictation Options:

  • Do they have a telephone dictation system?
  • Do they accept digital files?
  • Do they accept tapes?

Quality of Work:

  • Do they have an editing process?
  • What is the first language of the editors?
  • What happens if you’re unhappy with the quality of work?

Legal Aspects:

  • Do they have liability insurance?
  • Do they have a Privacy Policy?  How do they comply with PIPEDA (Canadian privacy legislation) or HIPAA (American privacy legislation)?
  • Do all their employees or contractors sign an agreement to comply with the applicable privacy legislation?
  • Do they do privacy audits to ensure that everyone involved in your work is complying?


  • Do they have volume pricing?
  • Will they revisit the price and adjust it after a few months based on volume of work and ease of transcription?
  • Do they offer templates with significant savings calculated into final price?


  • Do they require you to sign a contract?
  • Are there penalties to cancel the contract?


  • Will they transcribe documents onto your letterhead?
  • Will they set up documents to your specifications (margins, headers, etc.)?

Getting Started:

  • Are there set up fees?
  • Are there monthly minimums?


  • Can they integrate with your Electronic Medical Records software?

Hours of Operation:

  • What hours are their customer service representatives available to talk or email with?
  • What hours can you dictate or send digital files?
  • How easy is it to get a hold of someone if you have a question or problem?
  • Do they close for the holidays or take vacation time?

Follow these questions to ensure you find a medical transcription company that can provide you with the quality results you demand.

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