Sound Alike Words for Medical Transcriptionists – Part 3 (M – V)

One of the challenges in medical transcription is that the audio quality is not always of optimal quality.  There are many words that sound alike, and some can be difficult to understand, even in context.  Below is Part 3 (M – V) listing sound alike words that are encountered by medical professionals, along with a brief definition.  It’s helpful for both health care professionals and transcriptionists to review them to make sure they are deliberate in their pronunciation as well as to understanding the context in which they are used.


mammoplasty plastic surgery of the breast; mammaplasty

manoplasty plastic surgery of the hand


meiosis method of cell division

miosis contraction of the pupil of the eye

mitosis method of indirect cell division

mycosis presence of parasitic fungi in the body

myiasis infection due to invasion of body tissues or cavities by larvae of dipterous insects


meiotic pertaining to special cell division

miotic causing contraction of the pupil of the eye

mitotic pertaining to indirect division of a cell

myopic nearsighted


menorrhagia excessive uterine bleeding

menorrhalgia painful menstruation; dysmenorrhea

metrorrhagia uterine bleeding of abnormal amount, occurring at abnormal times


mnemonic something intended to assist memory

pneumonic related to or affecting the lungs


modeling learning by observation and imitation

mottling a condition of spotting with patches of color


mucous adjective form of mucus; pertaining to or resembling mucus

mucus free slime of the mucous membranes


myoclonic demonstrating one of a series of shock-like muscular contractions, as in a seizure

myotonic exhibiting delayed relaxation of a muscle after a strong contraction, or prolonged contraction after mechanical stimulation


nucleide a compound of nucleic acid with a metallic element

nuclide a species of atom


osteal bony

ostial pertaining to an ostium


pain discomfort, distress, or agony

pane a segment of window glass


pair two of something

pare to trim or remove skin


palate roof of the mouth

palette an oval board with a thumb-hole used by artists to mix their paints

pallet a portable platform; a temporary bed made of folded blankets


palpable may be felt with the hand

palpebral pertaining to the eyelid

palpation feeling with the fingers

palpitation an abnormal, rapid heartbeat

papillation a covering of small round protuberances


parotic near the ear

perotic characterized by perosis

porotic favoring growth of connective tissue


peal to ring, as a bell

peel to strip away a layer


perfusion the act of pouring over or through

profusion abundance

protrusion a jutting-out from the surrounding surface


perineal pertaining to the perineum

peritoneal pertaining to the peritoneum

peroneal pertaining to the outer or fibular side of the leg


perspective one’s ideas; a way of looking at something

prospective in the future, potential


phenol carbolic acid

phenyl derived from benzene

pheresis removal from a donor; separation and retransfusion

-phoresis word ending indicating transmission


plain not fancy; radiograph, as in plain abdomen

plane anatomic level, as in the sagittal plane


pleuritis inflammation of the pleura

pruritus itching


pleural pertaining to the pleura of the lung

plural more than one


precede to go before

proceed to continue on


precedent coming before; an example

president a governmental leader


prescribe to order; to advise

proscribe to banish or denounce; to forbid


principal a leader, as in high school principal; a main participant, as in principal diagnosis; the main body of an estate or financial holding

principle a basic truth; a rule or standard


Procan SR; an antiarrhythmic medication

procaine a local anesthetic


prostate a gland of the male urinary tract

prostrate stretched out with the face upon the ground

rostrate having a beak-like structure


prostatic relating to the prostate gland

prosthetic pertaining to an artificial device that replaces a body part


psoriasis a dermatosis

siriasis sunstroke


psychosis mental disorder

sycosis pustular inflammation of hair follicles


quiet without noise

quite completely


radical extreme, drastic, or innovative; elements or atoms in an uncombined state, as in free radicals

radicle smallest branch of a vessel


rectus straight structure

rhexis rupture of an organ

rictus fissure or cleft; a gaping expression

ructus a belching of wind


refection recovery

reflection bending back

refraction deviation of light


regard to look at or observe; to relate or refer to

regards good wishes


regime a form of government

regimen a system of treatment, medication, or diet designed to achieve certain ends


role the part one plays

roll to turn over (v); a list for attendance purposes (n)


saccadic simultaneous movements of both eyes that are involuntary in changing the point of fixation

psychotic pertaining to a severe mental disorder


scatoma a tumor-like mass in the rectum

scotoma an area of depressed vision in the visual field


scleredema unusual swelling of the facial area

scleroderma chronic thickening and hardening of the skin

xeroderma a mild form of ichthyosis


serial arranged in a series

sural pertaining to the calf of the leg


shoddy of poor workmanship or quality

shotty resembling buckshot, as in shotty nodes


statue a three-dimensional work of art

statute a law enacted by a legislative body


subtle so slight as to be difficult to detect or analyze

supple moving or bending with agility; limber


vary to change

very extreme; a high degree


venous relating to a vein

Venus second planet from the sun; the Roman goddess of love


vial a small bottle

vile despicable or abhorrent


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