Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys for Medical Transcriptionists

Twenty-seven years ago, Microsoft Office hit the market and changed offices around the world forever. Within the Office Suite, Word changed word processing and definitely made work life easier. Based on our experience, it is the preferred choice of doctors, as well as medical dictation and transcription services in Canada. At 2Ascribe, we wanted to share some Word shortcut keys that have help us work more productively.

F7 opens the spelling window

Microsoft Key + D takes you to the desktop

Alt + Tab moves you between different programs that you have open on your computer

Ctrl + A selects all the text or items in a document

Ctrl + B bolds highlighted text or turns bold on, clicking it again turns bold off

Ctrl + C copies highlighted text or item

Ctrl + I makes text italicized

Ctrl + U underlines the text

Ctrl + V pastes copied text or item

Ctrl + X deletes text or item (the next word or highlighted text)

When a medical transcriptionist is doing SRS (Speech Recognition System) editing, these shortcut keys are extremely helpful: For copying and pasting formatting:

Ctrl + Shift + C copies the formatting

Ctrl + Shift + V pastes the formatting onto the selected text.

For creating headings in letters, Shift + F3 Key: Change the case of the selected text. It toggles from capitalizing the first letter of each word, to capitalizing the entire word. To indent text for formatting, select the text and press tab. It is easier than using the mouse and using indent on the upper ribbon. When you’re finished transcribing, Alt + F4 will close Word. If you only want to close the current MS Word window, use Ctrl + W. And if you want to find the line count for the document, use Ctrl + Shift + G.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the shortcut commands:

F1 Key:Get help on a selected command or use the Office assistant.

Shift and F1 Key: Review text formatting.

F2 Key: Move text or image.

Shift + F2 Key: Copy text.

F3 Key: Insert an auto text entry.<

F4 Key: Perform last action again.

Shift + F4 Key: Perform a Find or Go To action again.

F5 Key: Displays the Go To dialogue box. You can also get to Find and Replace from here.

Shift + F5 Key: Move to a previous revision.

F6 Key: Go to the next frame or pane.

Shift + F6 Key: Go to the previous frame or pane.

F7 Key: Launch the Spell Checker.

Shift + F7 Key: Opens the Thesaurus.

F8 Key: Extend the current selection.

Shift + F8 Key: Shrink the current selection.

F9 Key: Refresh.

Shift + F9 Key: Switch between a field code and its result.

F10 Key: Show Key Tips.

Shift + F10 Key: Display a Shortcut Menu (same as right-clicking).

F11 Key: Go to the next field.

Shift + F11 Key: Go to the previous field.

F12 Key: Open Save As, equivalent to tools menu.

Shift + F12 Key: Save document, equivalent to tools menu.

Ctrl and A: Selects all in the current document.

Ctrl and B: Bold text.

Ctrl and C: Copies the item or text.

Ctrl and D: Displays the Font dialogue box.

Ctrl and E: Switch a paragraph between center and left alignment.

Ctrl and F: Displays the Find dialog box to search the current document.

Ctrl and G: Displays the Go To dialog box to search for a specific location in the current document.

Ctrl and H: Displays the Replace dialogue box.

Ctrl and I: Italicize text.

Ctrl and J: Switch a paragraph between justified and left alignment.

Ctrl and K: Create a hyperlink.

Ctrl and L: Left align a paragraph.

Ctrl and M: Indent a paragraph from the left.

Ctrl and N:Create a new document.

Ctrl and O:Opens a new document.

Ctrl and P:Prints a document.

Ctrl and R:Switch the alignment of a paragraph between left and right.

Ctrl and S:Saves a document.

Ctrl and U:Underlines text.

Ctrl and V:Pastes the copied item or text.

Ctrl and X:Cuts the selected item or text.

Ctrl and Y:Redo the last action.

Ctrl and Z:Undo the last action.

Ctrl and Enter:Insert a page break.

Ctrl and F2:Select Print Preview command.

Ctrl and F4:Closes the active window.

Ctrl and F6:Opens the next window if multiple are open

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