Document Preparation Time

Ever wonder how much time you spend each day on documentation? Would you believe 10%? Recent statistics show that the average physician spends 10% of their workday documenting patient encounters and dictating letters, be they referral requests, consultation letters, patient encounters or letters to third parties (time off work letters, camp physicals, etc.).

Think about how that adds up. In an eight hour workday, that’s 48 minutes. For a five day work week, it’s four hours of your time.

Preparing your own documentation and letters? Think about how much that could be costing you versus using administrative (or outsourcing your documentation) staff to support this function.








Administrative Costs

Rate @ $18/hour





Rate @ $20/hour





Rate @ $25/hour





Rate @ $35/hour






Physician Costs

Rate @ 100/ hour





Rate @ $150/hour





Rate @ $250/hour





Rate @ $300/hour





Rate @ $600/hour






Dictating your documents (on average, you speak at ten lines of text per minute, type at three lines of text per minute, and write [legibly?} at one line of text per minute) can save you a considerable amount of time. Time to spend with family or friends (or for yourself). Time to see more patients. Time for a better work/life balance.

How much do you think you can save by dictating your documentation?

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