AI, ChatGBT and LLM primer

With the advent of software like ChatGPT, we’re learning a whole new language, well at least new expressions and TLAs (two or three letter acronyms).  Here are some of them explained to help you get up to speed.

ML:  Machine learning

Machine Learning:  The system learns from experience and without getting instructions from humans.  Learning is a result of patterns which are then analyzed.

AI:  Artificial intelligence

XAI:  Explainable AI, the ability to understand or explain how an AI model makes predictions.  It also refers to its anticipated impact and its potential biases.

LLM:  Large language models (e.g. ChatGPT)

GPT:  Generative pre-trained transformer

Responsible AI:  AI that engenders trust and that companies can scale with confidence.

ChatGPT:  An AI chatbot that was initially built on a family of LLMs collectively known as GPT-3

Chat:  Refers to the chatbot front-end that OpenAI built for its GPT language model.

Machine bias:  Reoccurring errors in the system that create unfair (biased) outcomes.  This is not a technical issue, but has to do with social and political expectations and what information the AI system has been fed, trained on and how it’s been corrected by humans, with their own biases.  Which means it really is a business issue. 

Data Ethics: “Data ethics is a branch of ethics that considers the impact of data practices on people, society and the environment.  The purpose of data ethics is to guide the value and conduct of data practitioners in data collection, sharing and use”.  (from Open Data Institute)

FleeceWare:  Beware of “fleeceware,” apps that start ChatGPT-curious users off with free trials, then stick them with recurring charges. One such app generated $700k+ in revenue last month.

Generative AI:  This is a type of artificial intelligence that can take human inputs and create something entirely new, like art, writing, video, or audio.  It can also be used to create content.  The two main models used in generative AI are natural language processing (NLP) and artificial neural networks (ANN). NLP models use rules to learn from existing text, while ANNs use data to
create new relationships between elements.

NLP:  Natural language processing.

ANN:  Artificial neural networks.


If you come across other words related to AI, LLM or GPTs, and you’d like us to research and include, just let us know at, and we’ll update the list. (And we’ve already added several more!  Thanks!)

This is the first in a series on Artificial Intelligence and how it’s impacting our lives.  Read Part II at AI, ChatGBT and LLM primer (


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