Resumes – what works and what doesn’t

Writing a good resume takes time and effort.  At 2Ascribe, a Toronto-based medical transcription company, we often receive unsolicited resumes for positions for medical transcriptionists and medical transcription editors.  When we do post job listings for medical transcription positions, we’re … read more

Remarkable Employees

Are you a remarkable employee?  Do you know what a remarkable employee is?  Do you know what to look for when you’re hiring a remarkable employee? Some physicians are fortunate to have one staff person with them through their whole … read more

Multitasking – Why You Shouldn’t!

According to Wikipedia, the term “multitasking” was originated in the computer engineering industry. It was used to refer the ability of a microprocessor to apparently process several tasks simultaneously.i There’s a socially endorsed, but erroneous meme (unit of cultural transmission, … read more

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