Medical Transcription Pricing Simplified

When selecting a medical transcription company, it can be difficult to compare apples to apples, especially when it comes to pricing. Pricing can be quoted in various ways, the most common being: Price per line of transcription Price per minute … read more

Is Medical Transcription Cost Effective?

Medical transcription can be viewed as either an unnecessary expense in a physician’s practice, or as a cost-effective tool for helping to manage a physician’s time. On average, people can write approximately 30 words a minute, type 45 words a … read more

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Transcription

Outsourcing your medical transcription can have many advantages, including: Cost effectiveness Addressing the concern of finding qualified personnel Improving turnaround time Being accurate and reliable Reduced infrastructure expenditures Reducing human resources responsibility for hiring and supervising Managing fluctuations in work … read more

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