The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Medical Transcription

Thinking of making a change from in-house medical transcription to outsourced? Learn all the benefits of outsourcing and all the cons of keeping things in-house.

Issue In-house transcription Outsourced transcription
Hiring Each time you need to replace employee.  Medical transcription may not be one of their strengths. Find a company that works well for you once.  No supervision required.  Specialized in medical transcription.
Holidays Statutory pay as legislated in your jurisdiction n/a
Vacation Coordinate with your plans Always available
Slow periods Same pay for employee Pay only for work done
Busy periods Can get back logged Work always returned within stated turnaround time
Editing On site Returned within turnaround time
Backup documents Need backup procedures in-house with off site storage of data (includes in-house edits of documents) Documents (originals) backed up on company’s system (ask how long backup documents are available)
Quality Depends on ability of employee to accurately transcribe documents Specialists in medical transcription
Cost effectiveness Pay whether busy or slow (plus benefits where applicable) Pay only for work done
Reliability Sick days, supervising issues Always available
Privacy Issues around confidentiality and employee possibly knowing patients; need to comply with federal and provincial privacy legislation Comply with applicable federal and provincial privacy legislation

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