Options for Dictating Medical Records and Letters

With 2Ascribe’s transcription service, you have three options for dictating your medical records, letters and reports. Regardless of which method you choose, you are guaranteed to get experienced and knowledgeable medical transcriptionists transcribing your audio to text.

Telephone dictation

Similar to most hospital dictation systems, our medical transcription service allows you to simply pick up the phone and dictate. We provide physicians with a toll free number and a unique dictation code. The system allows for rewind and replay, insert, delete and fast forward through your dictation. You can even get a confirmation number once you’ve completed the dictation.

Olympus and Philips are the most common digital recorders used for medical transcription in Canada. We make our dictation service easy for physicians by ensuring that we can handle all the common audio file formats (e.g. .dss, .ds2, .mp3, .wav, .wma). For best results, we recommend a sample audio file be sent before beginning to dictate to ensure it plays in our medical transcription software.

Smart phone

Dictate + Connect is the medical transcription app that we recommend for physicians in Canada. It works with both iPhone and Android smartphones. It’s easy to download the application, and offers excellent sound quality, exact voice activation, secure encryption and many ways to transfer your dictations.

If you would prefer to choose more than one way to dictate, that works too. Some physicians prefer to use the telephone when dictating from the office, but use a digital recorder when away.  Whichever method you prefer, our medical transcriptionists are ready to help. Their goal is to provide you with quality medical transcription, with next business day turnaround time.

Regardless of how you dictate, 2Ascribe’s system is such that we never lose an audio file. For more information on dictating, check out our dictation tips.

2Ascribe Inc. is a medical transcription services agency located in Toronto, Ontario Canada, providing medical transcription services to physicians, clinics and other healthcare providers across Canada. Our medical transcriptionists take pride in the quality of your transcribed documents. WEBscribe is our client interface portal for document management. 2Ascribe continues to implement and develop technology to assist and improve the transcription process for physicians and other healthcare providers, and recently introduced AUTOfax. AUTOfax works within WEBscribe to automatically send faxes to referring physicians when a document is signed off by the healthcare professional. As a service to our clients and the healthcare industry, 2Ascribe offers articles of interest to physicians and other healthcare professionals, medical transcriptionists and office staff, as well as of general interest. Additional articles may be found at http://www.2ascribe.com.

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