Choosing A Medical Transcription Company – Comparison Tool

Here’s a quick and easy way to compare different medical transcription companies.

My priorities for choosing a medical transcription company are:


                           _____ Quality                         _____ Pricing
                           _____ Prompt turn around                          _____ Security
                           _____ Responsive customer service _____ Other features



Company X


Your Score/Comments


By the line


65 characters and spaces (industry standard)


Keystroke counting


No.  HISTORY is 7 characters, not 35 keystrokes


Price per line


Contact 2Ascribe


Set up fees?




Minimum monthly billing?




Headers and Footers


Not counted in line count


Detailed billing – can you independently audit your invoice?


Yes, invoices show every dictation on a separate line with line count



Turnaround time


Usually next business day



Quality Assurance Process?


Yes, edited by qualified medical transcriptionists, English as a first language, located in North America



Are there many blanks?  Can you remember what they should be?

How long does it take you to proofread a document?

Yes, we provide high quality documents.  You can listen to the audio if there’s a blank.  And we appreciate feedback so we can improve even more.



Customer Service Hours


Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm EST


Customer Service Response Time


Usually immediate to within ½ business day.







Dictation Options


·    Telephone – 800 # (no additional charge)

·    Digital recorder audio files

·    3rd party Dictate + (iPhone and Android smart phones)




Up to 9 different templates at no charge


Documents returned


·    Emailed with strong encryption and password

·     WEBshuttle, our secure client web portal


Can you listen to dictated audio?


Yes, in WEBshuttle, for telephone and digital dictations


AUTOfax option


Yes, when documents are e-Signed in WEBshuttle.  This saves you administrative time and money





Wholly Canadian owned and operated, located in Toronto, Ontario.




99.94% uptime since 2002


PIPEDA and provincial privacy compliance


Meets or exceeds.




2Ascribe has never had a breach


Company’s Focus


Only medical transcription.  It’s our passion!





2Ascribe Inc. is a medical transcription services agency located in Toronto, Ontario Canada, providing medical transcription services to physicians, clinics and other healthcare providers across Canada. Our medical transcriptionists take pride in the quality of your transcribed documents. WEBshuttle is our client interface portal for document management. 2Ascribe continues to implement and develop technology to assist and improve the transcription process for physicians and other healthcare providers, including AUTOfax. AUTOfax works within WEBshuttle to automatically send faxes to referring physicians when a document is e-signed by the healthcare professional. As a service to our clients and the healthcare industry, 2Ascribe offers articles of interest to physicians and other healthcare professionals, medical transcriptionists and office staff, as well as of general interest. Additional articles may be found at  For more information on Canadian transcription services, medical transcription work or dictation options, please contact us at

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