June Health and Awareness Days

Month of June

  • ALS Awareness Month
  • Alzheimer’s Awareness Month
  • Brain Injury Awareness Month

We just added June 23 (first Friday after Father’s Day) for Take Your Dog to Work Day.  Ours is happily sleeping under my desk.

And we found out it’s National Microchipping Month.

  • Pride Month
  • PTSD Awareness Month


June Health Weeks


June Health and Awareness Days

June 1:  Intergenerational Day Canada 

June 3:  Gun Violence Awareness Day

June 4:  National Health and Fitness Day 

June 5:  World Environment Day

June 8:  World Oceans Day

June 10:  Action Anxiety Day 

June 10: Family Health and Fitness Day

June 14: World Blood Donor Day

June 15:  World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 

June 16:  World Sea Turtle Day

June 19:  World Sickle Cell Day 

June 19:  Juneteenth

June 20:  World Refugee Day

June 23:  Take Your Dog to Work Day

June 26:  International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 

June 26:  National Cancer Wellness Awareness Day 

June 27:  PTSD Awareness Day 

June 29:  World Scleroderma Day


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