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Evernote’s Scannable App Makes Scanning a Snap

At 2Ascribe, we are always looking for new technologies that will help medical professionals improve their craft and save time. We have started using the Scannable app from Evernote and have found many of the app’s features may benefit medical professionals, especially residents, or for any other medical professional attending lectures, seminars or conferences.

Whether it is a business card, an important receipt, or notes from a medical lecture or conference, digitizing documents can be extremely useful. Once digitized, a document can be saved, shared, and utilized more rapidly. Thankfully, with this app, there is no need for a scanner. By using your iPhone’s camera, the Scannable app scans documents quickly and easily.

Scannable’s reviews are very positive on the App Store, with ease-of-use being cited as it’s best feature. We have found that to be true. It picks up documents and digitizes them at an impressive rate. Scannable recognizes business cards, receipts, and any other paper you point it at. Even if a lecturer has covered a whiteboard with important information, you can scan that too. Scans are automatically cropped and enhanced, producing crystal clear digital documents. You can export your scan to a number of places, including your camera roll.

For tracking your professional contacts, Scannable can turn a business card into a LinkedIn contact. Details and photos from the card are transferred automatically; you even have the ability to save information to your phone’s contacts.

If you want a more efficient way to organize paper files, look for Scannable by Evernote, free in the App Store. We are always on the lookout for new technologies that help you. Leave a comment below and tell us what apps or products you love.

2Ascribe Inc. is a medical transcription services agency located in Toronto, Ontario Canada, providing medical transcription services to physicians, clinics and other healthcare providers across Canada and the US. Having recently introduced WEBscribe, a client interface portal for document management, 2Ascribe continues to implement and develop technology to assist and improve the transcription process for physicians and other healthcare providers. As a service to our clients and the healthcare industry, 2Ascribe offers articles of interest to physicians and other healthcare professionals, medical transcriptionists and office staff, as well as of general interest.

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