Non-Covered Services – Tips for Billing and Collecting

Canada’s melting pot of health care can be a tricky one to navigate from province to province, with each establishing their own set of guidelines governed by separate bodies without a national connection. So a physician practicing in Ontario may … read more

Privacy Breach Reporting: Rule changes up the ante

New rule changes to Canada’s federal private sector privacy law — including physician practices — came into effect on November 1, 2018. And while the ability of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada to assess, advise and enforce … read more

6 Ways To Improve The Patient Experience

Whether we like it or not, health care is also about customer service. The diagnosis is not the only thing that patients are concerned about; in fact, there are some areas of concern that tend to show up over and … read more

Do You Know What You’re Paying For?

The medical transcription industry is a multi-billion dollar industry (yes, that’s not a typo, it’s multi-billion). If how you’re invoiced is not transparent and straightforward, how do you know what you’re paying for? And there are more ways of charging … read more

Document Preparation Time

Ever wonder how much time you spend each day on documentation? Would you believe 10%? Recent statistics show that the average physician spends 10% of their workday documenting patient encounters and dictating letters, be they referral requests, consultation letters, patient … read more

Five Helpful Transcription Services Apps for Doctors

Epocrates Rated the number one with over a million downloads Epocrates is the gold standard of medical reference apps.   Doctors can use the app to look up drug information and interaction checks, pill ID, formulary, athenaText, and tables. The app … read more

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