Choosing the Right Recorder

So you’ve made the decision to dictate your letters or notes using a digital recorder.  Now you have to pick the right one for the job.  There are several things to consider. What do you want it for? What audio … read more

Conducting and Recording Interviews

There are a variety of reasons for interviewing in a medical setting, including research purposes and legal documentation. It’s best to plan ahead to achieve the best possible transcription of the interview. Multiple Person Interviews This type of interview usually … read more

The Risks of Dictating from a Personal Cell Phone

It is no surprise that physicians have increased their reliance on technology to manage patient health information. The most significant concern of this increased digital activity is ensuring the protection of patients’ medical information. At 2ascribe, we are always on … read more

A Digital Audio File Primer

There are many advantages to using a digital recorder instead of dictating over the telephone. These include, but are not limited to: By saving the dictation on your computer, you have a copy if you ever want to hear the … read more

Digital Recorders 2014 Update

Digital recorders have multiple advantages over their predecessors, tape recorders.  Some of the features include: Offer better quality voice recording Storage dicks don’t wear out or break Files can be recorded individually, instead of in a string Files are searchable … read more

Digital Voice Recorders for Medical Transcription

While there are many companies that manufacture digital voice recorders that are suitable for medical transcription, Olympus, Sony and Panasonic are the market leaders.  These are their top products. Olympus DS-5000 Digital Voice RecorderThe DS-5000 is an advanced professional digital … read more

Choosing a Digital Recorder

Medical transcription is a good choice for many physicians.  Once you’ve made the decision to use a digital recorder instead of a telephone dictation system, you need to choose the best recorder for the job. The advantages of using a … read more

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