Transcription Services Canada Dictating Numbers and Dates

Numbers can be a problem for dictators, and consequently for transcriptionists.  Developing a few good dictation habits can go a long way towards more accurately transcribed documents.  It’s easy to dictate numbers and dates so that there are no misunderstandings … read more

Transcription Services Canada Reducing Medical Transcription Errors

There are several reasons for medical transcription errors in reports. Transcription Oriented:  poor quality transcription resulting from poor quality typing, an improperly trained transcriptionist or reports not being edited by a second qualified transcriptionist Dictator Oriented:  poor quality recording, including … read more

Physicians Dictating for the First Time

We all want to sound coherent and intelligent when we dictate.  The reality is that, like all skills, dictating is something that you need to practise to get good at. From a medical transcriptionist’s perspective, the best dictators do the … read more

Declutter to Increase Your Productivity

  View image |   “I just don’t have time.”   “My e-mail box is full.”  “I should organize my desk but I don’t have time.” “I’ve got too much to do to get to all the e-mail I have … read more

Tricky Words – Making the Distinction

The English language has many words that are similar enough to each other to cause confusion.  Here’s a list of some of them, and their correct usage.  can/could denotes ability or power to do something may/might suggests doubt; also expresses … read more

What is Medical Transcription?

Sometimes it’s easy for those of us in the medical transcription profession, to forget that some people don’t know just what medical transcription is.  Simply, it’s typing a letter or report that a physician has dictated. Years ago, we had … read more

The Lost Art of Medical Dictation

While we’re not suggesting that medical dictation is comparable to the fictional dictation of great writers, author Amy Rowland makes some interesting points about the difference between a person or a machine transcribing a dictation. In our years in business, … read more

Multitasking – Why You Shouldn’t!

According to Wikipedia, the term “multitasking” was originated in the computer engineering industry. It was used to refer the ability of a microprocessor to apparently process several tasks simultaneously.i There’s a socially endorsed, but erroneous meme (unit of cultural transmission, … read more

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