How the College Wants You to Chart

Some advice from a college supervisor. Written by Dr. John Crosby on June 25, 2019 for Canadian Healthcare Network Reprinted with permission. From 2Ascribe:  You might also want to consider using a medical transcription company to help with your charting.  … read more

Options for Dictating Medical Records and Letters

With 2Ascribe’s transcription service, you have three options for dictating your medical records, letters and reports. Regardless of which method you choose, you are guaranteed to get experienced and knowledgeable medical transcriptionists transcribing your audio to text. Telephone dictation Similar … read more

Medical Transcriptionists Make for Legible Medical Records

Caller:  Can you transcribe handwritten patient records? 2Ascribe:  Maybe. Can you read them? Caller:  Not really. 2Ascribe:  If you can’t read them, why do you think we can? Caller:  Don’t you type up doctor’s handwritten notes all the time?  Aren’t … read more

Conducting and Recording Interviews

There are a variety of reasons for interviewing in a medical setting, including research purposes and legal documentation. It’s best to plan ahead to achieve the best possible transcription of the interview. Multiple Person Interviews This type of interview usually … read more

The Risks of Dictating from a Personal Cell Phone

It is no surprise that physicians have increased their reliance on technology to manage patient health information. The most significant concern of this increased digital activity is ensuring the protection of patients’ medical information. At 2ascribe, we are always on … read more

Transcription Services Canada Consult & Referral Request Letters

Transcription Services Canada   (A Self-Study Module) Reprinted with permission from the author, Dr. José Francois Introduction Effective communication is essential for an efficient, high quality consultation and referral process. With the move to providing more patient care on an … read more

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