How Volunteering Makes Your Medical Practice Stronger

A successful medical practice requires employees who are competent, hardworking and loyal. Attracting, hiring and retaining that type of employee can be a challenge. One solution to this problem may be in transforming your corporate culture by championing volunteerism.  Recent … read more

Keep Evernote…

Evernote’s Scannable App Makes Scanning a Snap At 2Ascribe, we are always looking for new technologies that will help medical professionals improve their craft and save time. We have started using the Scannable app from Evernote and have found many … read more

How Safe is Your Data With 2Ascribe

The recent “WannaCry” cyber attack has people concerned about the security of their online information. With hospital trusts in the U.K. and medical facilities in the U.S. and Canada affected by the attack, people in the medical community are reassessing … read more

How Secure Are Your Website Transmissions?

Often times, website addresses are displayed in a format contrary to what we typically think of as the norm. Does the configuration of the letters really make a difference? The answer is Yes! The different URLs are actually called application … read more

How to Save Money on Your Medical Transcription

It may seem odd that a medical transcription service is offering you tips on how to save money, but our goal at 2Ascribe Inc. to provide you with such great service and quality that you’ll tell your colleagues about us.  … read more

Five Helpful Transcription Services Apps for Doctors

Epocrates Rated the number one with over a million downloads Epocrates is the gold standard of medical reference apps.   Doctors can use the app to look up drug information and interaction checks, pill ID, formulary, athenaText, and tables. The app … read more

The Difference between Transcription and Secretarial Services

by Sheila Campbell At 2Ascribe medical transcription services, over the years we’ve invested heavily into software and hardware to automate processes, improve productivity and ensure we meet or exceed all federal and provincial privacy and patient identifiable security regulations.  And … read more

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